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Host Cell Protein Workshop (Meeting is Full – Please put your name on a waiting list below)

May 17-19, 2016, Lisbon, Portugal

We are currently recruiting speakers and topics. Call for abstracts for the following topics:

  • LC-MS/MS for identifying specific HCPs
  • “High risk” HCPs
  • Demonstration of antibody coverage
  • Platform immunochemical reagents
  • To immunopurify or not to immunopurify reagents
  • Role of HCP assay in the control system
  • Orthogonal methods for demonstrating purity
  • Validation of HCP immunoassays
  • Setting limits for HCP assays
  • HCP testing for Biosimilars
  • Immunogenicity predictions
  • Clinical response to HCP impurities
  • Recommend your own topics
  • International regulatory approaches to HCP data reporting

Speakers for the upcoming Host Cell Protein Analytics conference in Lisbon have nearly all been identified, and what a great line up of exciting talks! We still have plenty of room for posters, and scientists who present posters get a 50 Euro reduction in their registration fee. If you think your data is best given as an oral presentation, please contact the scientific chair of the meeting, Martin Vanderlaan, directly, at Martin.Vanderlaan@BEBPA.org. Occasionally program changes do make additional speaking slots available, but at this point we can only guarantee posters.

If you are interested in presenting at this conference please click the button below to submit your abstract.

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9th Annual Bioassay Conference

September 28-30, 2016, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Event Details Coming Soon!


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When booking a hotel reservation, please use the code: bioassay


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We are currently accepting Topics and Abstracts for our 2016 meetings.

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