BEBPA conferences include 2-3 days of presentations, workshops and round-table discussions on topics of current interest to the analytical biopharmaceutical community. It is hoped that these presentations and discussions will provide topics for future white paper working groups.

Please come and participate in the next BEBPA conference. This is an opportunity to shape the future of the association and to ensure it addresses the issues of concern to you.

We are currently accepting Topics and Abstracts for our 2018 & 2019 meetings.

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11th Annual EUR Bioassay Conference

September 26-28, 2018, Budapest, Hungary. The Aquincum Hotel Budapest

  • Approaches for combining multiple run replicates into a single reportable value.
  • Validating multi-plate format bioassays.
  • Product specific bioassays for antibody and non-antibody therapeutics.
  • Miniaturizing cell based bioassays – Moving from 96-wells to 384-wells and beyond.
  • Optimizing assay components: Frozen ready-to-use cells, cell-free assays, developing assay tool kits for the future.
  • Trials, tribulations and successes with establishing, monitoring and maintaining reference materials for a potency assay.
  • Case studies for establishing equivalence margins for similarity assessments.
  • Comparing candidate potency assays and replacing one assay with a candidate method.
  • What to do when the mechanism of action for a product is unknown.
  • Use of new technology and instrumentation in the bioassay world.
  • Primer talks on reading the assay output from various off the shelf potency software.
  • Use of bioassays to support product comparability.
  • Bioassays for biosimilar products.

3rd Annual US Bioassay Conference

March 13-15, 2019. San Pedro, CA, USA. Crowne Plaza LA Harbor Hotel.
More information coming soon!

  • 384-well plate assay development case studies
  • Product reference programs for potency assays
  • Update on USP
  • FDA regulatory update
  • Assessing similarity of reference vs. test
  • Case studies

— Development
— Product specific
— Validation

  • Comparability studies
  • Selecting an appropriate bioassay
  • Product specific potency assays

— Immuno-oncology products
— Gene and cell therapies
— rDNA protein products
— Vaccines

  • Life cycle approach to bioassays
  • Implementing new technology into your bioassay
  • Use of statistical tools for bioassays


7th Annual HCP Conference

May 15-17, 2019, San Pedro, CA, USA. Crowne Plaza LA Harbor Hotel
More information coming soon!

  • Generation of high coverage anti-HCP antibodies.
  • Setting HCP specifications.
  • Risk assessment case studies.
  • HCPs for non-antibodies.
  • Cell culture and purification perspectives on HCP production and monitoring.
  • Improved MS technologies for HCP identification and control.
  • HCP activities that impact product quality or stability.
  • Real-life examples on reagent lifecycle management.