BEBPA is a young association and is continuing to evolve.  Our goals for the future are to:

  • Identify common technical issues faced by the biopharmaceutical community.
  • Publish problem identification white papers
  • Form white paper working groups to brainstorm and share problem solving approaches
  • Publish non-consensus white papers delineating various approaches to previously identified problems
  • Organize highly scientific not-for-profit conferences, which will discuss white paper discussion group results, provide comment on these topics and provide a forum for identifying future topics.


A brief note from BEBPA founders,
Dr. C Jane Robinson, Dr. Laureen Little and Dr. Hans-Joachim Wallny:

The genesis of BEBPA came from a number of scientists from various companies, institutes and regulatory agencies.  As our discussions matured we realized that despite the various venues for meetings and publication, there was no place for new approaches and ideas about common problems to be openly discussed and vetted without firms worrying that their comments would be taken as corporate policy.  Each individual expressed the belief that something should be done about this – and that if something were done by the industry as a whole, then the individual companies involved would benefit immensely  We decided that 2008 was the year to do something and thus BEBPA was born.  Please feel free to contact us and volunteer your ideas, suggestions, time and expertise.  We need your help.

BEBPA Conferences:
Includes 2-3 days of presentations, workshops and round-table discussions on topics of current interest to the analytical biopharmaceutical community.  It is hoped that these presentations and discussions will provide topics for future white paper working groups.

Please come and participate in the next BEBPA conference. This is an opportunity to shape the future of the association and to ensure it addresses the issues of concern to you.

Meet BEBPA’s Co-Foudners from left to right: Hans-Joachim, Laureen, Jane, and Cori

Meet the Board